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FWI's Full First Year of Measurement Data

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

We are grateful to Rebecca Chen for preparing this data for publication.

When farmers enroll in the Alliance for Responsible Aquaculture, they commit to maintaining water quality at levels that support fish welfare (which is not only good for the fish, but helps farrmers reduce disease and mortality rates too!). In order to support farmers in maintaining high water quality, our ground team visits each of the currently 70+ farms in the ARA every two weeks to take measurements. If the measurements indicate environmental conditions that are not conducive to fish welfare, our team informs the farmer of a corrective action to take.

FWI's now Partnership Manager, Maneesh, collects water quality data on a farm.

The ARA began in June of 2021, so FWI has been supporting these farmers and taking measurements for over a year now. We now publish all the 2,434 entries of (anonymized) measurements.

Our main motivation for publishing this is that we want external parties, whether volunteers, paid data analysts, or other organizations, to be able to analyze our data more easily. We also, of course, value transparency.

We will be conducting our own analysis of our first year of data and publishing the results here shortly. However, if you are interested, we encourage you to analyze the data for yourself. We are particularly interested in conclusions about impact (i.e. to what extent is our program improving the lives of farmed fish?) and optimization (i.e. what measurements could we cut or what frequencies could we change such that we still gain the relevant information?).

If you find any noteworthy conclusions from your analysis, or wish to discuss with us further, please contact us.


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