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The FWI Newsletter

Fish Welfare Initiative’s newsletter is our primary channel for communicating our work. Published every 1–2 months, it includes updates both on our programs as well as other information we think may be useful for our audience, such as job openings or upcoming conferences. Our longer, quarterly edition delves deeper into all of our program areas and includes a “By the Numbers” section of FWI’s metrics the preceding quarter.


Transparency is important to us, and our newsletter often thus also includes a discussion of our recent mistakes. We welcome your comments and feedback—always feel free to respond to the email directly, or reach out on our contact page.

Use the form below to sign up. You can also view previous editions of our newsletter in our archive.

FWI Data Collector, Durga Prasad, measuring water quality at a farm in India as part of our satellite imagery study, as featured in our March 2024 newsletter

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