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and create a more sustainable foundation for rural livelihoods.
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In India, as in other similar countries, most fish are sold not through massive corporations but through local markets in the informal economy. Our collaboration with local organizations enables positive change in farming conditions on the ground, while our collaboration with corporations financially supports these changes.

Gramodaya Trust


The Organization

Gramodaya Trust operates in the state of Andhra Pradesh and works to enable sustainable and just livelihoods for farmers. It does so by empowering farmer collectives and producer organizations, assisting with the livelihoods of the poor in rural areas and developing resilience to climate change. Gramodaya Trust was launched by Mr. Srinivas Chekuri in 2015 and currently works with thousands of local farmers, including several hundred fish farmers.

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The Partnership

In January 2021, Gramodaya Trust and Fish Welfare Initiative partnered to build mutual local support for their programming and investigate improved aquaculture practices in the West Godavari district. From 2022 to 2026, FWI will support Gramodaya Trust in expanding higher welfare production methods to at least 50 new farms per year.

Srinivas Chekuri, Founder of Gramodaya Trust, conversing with Karthik Pulugurtha, Managing Director of Fish Welfare Initiative India

Farmers expected to support with higher welfare farming methods: 250
Fishes expected to lead a better life (estimate): 1-8 million


The Organization

SAGE is a sustainable living brand that includes a permaculture farm (Baby Elephant Farm), store, and organic cafes in Hyderabad, India. Launched in 2015, SAGE is uniquely positioned among food businesses for its commitment to sustainability and animal welfare and its traceable farm-to-fork strategy. The Baby Elephant Farm supplies the store and cafes with a variety of organically grown and raised plant and animal products.

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The Partnership

In September 2021, SAGE committed to maintaining maximum stocking densities of 1500 fish/acre and working with FWI to implement other welfare improvements, including monitoring water quality, reducing handling, and exploring pre-slaughter stunning. SAGE is making these changes immediately for all the farmed fish they sell.

Fishes expected to lead a better life per year (estimate): 550

Karthik Pulugurtha, FWI India Managing Director, presents Kavitha Mantha, CEO of SAGE, with a certificate shortly after SAGE formally committed to improve fish welfare.

Full Agreements

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