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Operations Lead

Fish Welfare Initiative is seeking an Operations Lead to build, optimize, and maintain FWI's internal systems. If you are someone who can't stand inefficiency, and who regularly notices ways in which systems could be optimized, you could be a great fit for this role.


  • This role is part-time (although later full-time work may be possible).

  • Region: Remote in Europe, Asia, or Africa

Application Deadline: November 28, 2021

Who We Are 

Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI) is a startup organization whose mission is to improve the welfare of fish as much as possible. We focus specifically on farmed fish, or fish raised in aquaculture.

We collaborate with corporations, governments and producers to improve animal welfare standards in aquaculture. We believe that this is the right thing for fish, farmers and consumers.

How You Will Make a Difference

The following will be the core responsibilities for the Operations Lead:

  • Leading all of FWI's expanding operations and administrative work.

  • Managing FWI’s finances, including sending money to our countries of operation in a way that minimizes fees.

  • Bookkeeping.

  • Leading early-stage hiring processes and interviewing.

  • Other tasks as assigned, including legal reporting, contracts, and managing software.


There are no required qualifications for this position. We only ask that applicants have a keen attention to detail and a passion for optimization.


We will favor candidates who meet the following criteria, although we encourage you to apply even if you only meet some of them:

  • Previous operations experience

  • Good with technology

  • Quantitative background

  • Quick at learning new systems

  • Excited by maintaining current systems

  • Lives in either India or London

  • Excited by a fast-paced startup atmosphere

We are especially interested in candidates with a demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of animals.

The Fine Print

  • Location: Remote in Asia, Europe or Africa

  • Position Status: Part-time (~2 days/week)

  • Benefits: Flexible hours, startup atmosphere, ability to shape a new organization

  • Start Date: ASAP, with some flexibility

  • Pay: Based on need

Equal Opportunity Policy

FWI is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We encourage people of every color, orientation, age, sex, gender, ethnicity and ability to apply. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility, and we will endeavor to make adjustments throughout the process where possible.

How to Apply

Please complete this form.

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