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Operations Lead/Associate 

Update: This position is now closed. As of October 5, all candidates should have heard back.

Fish Welfare Initiative is hiring an Operations Lead/Associate to build, optimize, and maintain FWI’s financial, people, and legal operations. If you have a strong attention to detail, previous operations experience, and a keen interest in optimizing systems in order to make the world a better place, this could be the perfect role for you.



  • We are hiring for this role internationally, although applicants in India are preferred.

  • This is a remote position, although candidates who intend to work part or all of the year out of our office in Vijayawada, India, are preferred.

  • While we prefer more senior applicants, we encourage talented early-career applicants to apply as well (we will designate them as the Operations Associate instead of Lead).

  • For more information, see our FAQs below.

Application Deadline: Rolling*

*On September 3, we changed the deadline to "Rolling", and plan to leave it as such until roughly when a candidate accepts our offer. Candidates who applied by the first deadline (September 3) and who apply earlier in the rolling period will have a higher chance of acceptance, as candidates who apply later during the rolling period may not be considered in equal depth.

Who We Are 

Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI) is one of the few organizations around the globe working to improve the welfare of farmed fishes as much as possible. To do this, we collaborate with farmers, governments, and other institutions—learn more about our programming here. You can also learn more by seeing Animal Charity Evaluators' full external review of us.


Operationally, we are committed to transparency, efficiency, and living out with people the same values of compassion that drive us to advocate for farmed animals.

How You Will Make a Difference

Broadly, you will contribute to our impact by working to make FWI more efficient at every non-programmatic task—as well as some programmatic ones—that we do.


Specifically, you will be tasked with the following:

  • Lead all aspects of FWI’s finances (aside from programmatic budgeting and fundraising).

  • Lead all aspects of FWI’s HR work, including contracts, compensation, benefits, etc.

  • Lead FWI’s technical systems, including Slack, Google Suite, Asana, etc.

  • Collaborate with the Managing Director and Executive Director to determine and implement the most optimal ways of moving money internationally.

  • Collaborate on hiring processes.


We are looking for someone who has the following skills:

  • Extremely strong attention to detail.

  • A systems-optimization mindset (for instance, as described in this podcast).

  • Ability to manage a large workload and multiple complex, high-level projects simultaneously.

  • Ability to react coolly in stressful situations.

  • Ability to write clearly and concisely, and without mistakes.

We prefer candidates who have the following experience/attributes, although they are not strictly required:

  • Five or more years of experience in operations or administration.

  • Strong familiarity with operating in India.

  • Strong familiarity with collaboration between international NGOs and NGOs in India.

  • Personally and professionally committed to animal advocacy and/or effective altruism.

Sometimes, we find that the best candidates are some of the most hesitant ones to apply. If that’s you, and you’re unsure whether you should apply, we encourage you to do so anyway. We’ve designed the initial application to only take 1 hour and let us quickly assess some of your skills, and ultimately we are much more concerned about skills than prior experience.

The Fine Print

  • Location: Remote in a time-zone compatible with IST (so, anywhere but the Americas), although candidates who intend to work part or all of the year out of our office in Vijayawada, India, are preferred.

  • Position Status: Full-time.

  • Benefits: Flexible hours, generous paid time off, maternal & paternal leave, health insurance provided for Indian nationals, possibly others depending on jurisdiction of employment.

  • Start Date: ASAP, with some flexibility.

  • Pay: INR 60,000 to 1.4 lakhs/month for applicants in India, varying significantly with need and experience (though with significant flexibility upwards for exceptionally talented applicants). Salaries for non-India hires will be adjusted for location accordingly, and we do not expect salary to be a bottleneck for most applicants.

Equal Opportunity Policy

FWI is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We encourage people of every color, orientation, age, sex, gender, ethnicity and ability to apply. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility, and we will endeavor to make adjustments throughout the process where possible.

How to Apply

Complete this 1-hour application, most of which is a small test task. Note that you will need to be signed in with a Google account in order to complete it.


What will the hiring process be like?

We haven’t completely finalized it yet, but we expect it will look something like having the following stages, with some candidates being eliminated at each stage:

  • Initial screening application (~1 hour).

  • Full application (CV, other questions; ~2 hours).

  • Full test task (~6 hours).

  • Interview 1 (~1.5 hours).

  • Interview 2 (~1.5 hours).

  • Possible work trial or in-person interview.


Each stage will take 1–4 weeks in total, with an average of about 1.5 weeks per stage and our final decision probably being made 1–2 months after the initial application deadline. Candidates will be updated regularly throughout the process.

Why is the pay only listed for people living in India, and not for others?

This is for two reasons: A) We are focusing our recruiting efforts on applicants in India, and thus expect to hire someone from there (though we’re open to hiring elsewhere), and B) we expect the pay elsewhere would significantly vary based on that particular country’s cost of living. We want the best people though, and we expect to be able to pay location-specific compensation that is commensurate with the cost-of-living and any other specific needs our applicants may have.

I'm from <insert any country here>. Are you able to hire me?

Yes. We are committed to hiring the best candidate for the job, regardless of nationality. Depending on the nationality of the successful candidate, we may hire them via an employer of record (EOR). Our only requirement here, again, is that you work from a country compatible with India Standard Time, which in practice means any country but those in the Americas.

I’m fresh out of university. Can I really apply for this position?

Yes, you can. We have a special place in our heart for applicants straight out of university (as much of our founding team was!). However, we expect to heavily favor applicants with more experience.

Will this job involve managing anyone?

Not at first, though as our organization grows we will likely hire someone under you at some point.

What is it like to work at FWI?

See our blog for our recent culture surveys for unfiltered answers from our team. We think our culture is awesome, but it's not for everyone.

To what extent is FWI a place where I can grow my career?

If we hire you under the Associate designation, we would expect to promote you to Lead, along with the greater responsibilities that entails, within a few years. After that, your responsibilities would continue to grow significantly as our organization does, though your job title probably won’t change.

I have another question about whether I should apply that isn’t listed here.

Then you should contact us—we’re happy to let you know whether you should apply, in order to potentially save you the time on filling out yet another application.

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